Eco Sprinkler
The creative integration of advanced technologies in mechanical engineering, polymer chemistry, and hydrodynamics within an eco-friendly framework is what makes our sprinkler heads truly one of a kind.
Our RC-RES ECO SPRINKLER can boast all the features and benefits of ECO BRASS®, while utilizing the least amount of water pressure (7.0 psi) to disperse the required 13GPM for even sloped ceilings up to an 8-over-12 pitch in a 16’ by 16’ room.
Eco Brass
Eco Sprinkler uses Eco Brass, a US patented lead-free copper alloy made of domestically virgin material.
Has physical and mechanical properties that provide excellent resistance to corrosion and zincification while still maintaining its strength.
Meets US EPA standards for anti-microbial properties
Complies with the stringent lead-free NSF14 Annex G requirements and is useable for stand-alone and multi-purpose sprinkler systems
Innovative Products
Only company to offer Intermediate (175°F) Flat Concealed Sprinkler Heads
More World-Exclusive products coming soon in 2015

Smart and Efficient Protective Cap

Safety Feature
Senju Sprinkler heads also provide a safety feature as the sprinkler’s deflector and delicate inner components are protected from the moment they are packaged at our manufacturing facility to when they are ready to be trimmed.
Cap Diameter
Cap Diameter is slightly bigger than the sprinkler cup
The sheetrock crew can carve out a perfectly sized hole that fits the diameter of the cover plate’s retainer without ruining the ceiling.
Ease of Installation
A huge advantage of Senju Sprinkler’s RC Sprinkler Models (including RC-RES, RC-QR, RC-QR-EC) is its ease of installation thanks to the protective cap’s innovative design elements.
The tolerance limit to the ceiling level is clearly marked on the protective cap and small bumps are added to the head so it can be fastened with just the right tension.
Installable with Cap on
Enables fastest installation
A contractor can install our head the fastest because unlike every competitive sprinkler, our cap has a custom opening for the socket to go through and installs seamlessly.
Saves Time
Saves two steps of removing and later reinserting the cap multiplied by the total number of sprinkler heads on the job.
No more time spent tediously reinforcing protective caps to the heads with tape.
No more time and money wasted on returning to a job site to secure flimsy caps if they have fallen off.
No more unflattering holes in the sheetrock and time spent to repair them. Less time, less labor, and less room for error equals more profit for the contractor.

Cover Plates

Standard Cover Plates
The most selection of standard cover plate color options in the industry
11 colors in total
Contemporary and Ultra-Modern Square Cover Plate
5 new standard wood grain pattern cover plates in both the RC and CN sprinkler series: Light brown, brown, dark brown, black, and red.
Does not require a set-up fee
Able to accommodate a wide range of ceiling styles and colors
Allow your wood ceilings to keep its charm and character without distractions.
Most wow factor at an exceptional value.
CN Model Cover Plate is smallest in the Market (2-3/8”)
RC Cover Plate has very small air gaps to reduce shadow rings
High quality materials used resulting in a high end product


100% Robotically Manufactured and Quality-Controlled
All of our products are 100% robotically manufactured and quality-controlled to insure that the quality is first-rate and of perfect condition
The sprinklers are tested with Helium (smaller molecule than Water [H20]) to guarantee that there are no leakages
Materials supplied within Senju
Most of the components in our products are supplied from within the Senju group of companies, resulting in higher-quality materials and lower costs in the end products
Fully stocked warehouse in Southern California
With a fully stocked warehouse in Southern California, our products are able to be shipped with a shorter lead time