Press Release – New Standard Wood Grain Cover Plates

Contact:  Eugene Fowler, Business Development Executive
Phone: (949) 333-1281 ext 330


Irvine, California, USA (May 19, 2014) – Senju Sprinkler continues to raise the bar in concealed trim options. It was the first and only manufacturer that gave the customer the option to custom match cover plates to any ceiling, no matter the style, texture, or material. Now, Senju has introduced 5 brand new wood grain cover plates as standard finishes, which will be fully stocked.


These beautiful standard wood grain cover plates have a 140°F (60°C) temperature rating, and are UL, C-UL, and FM approved for both the CN and RC series sprinklers for residential and commercial applications. They are available in light brown, brown, dark brown, red and black wood grain patterns. Standard wood grain covers will require no lead time, do not require a set-up fee, and will be able to accommodate a wide range of wood ceiling styles and colors.