Introducing Senju Pressure Gauges

Senju Pressure Gauges

Ensuring the highest safety standards and operational efficiency in fire protection systems with our specialized Pressure Gauges, engineered specifically for fire sprinkler systems. Available in 2″ and 3.5″ sizes (¼” & ½” NPT), our gauges are designed to integrate seamlessly with residential and commercial fire systems. Our 3.5” ¼” NPT Pressure Gauges come standard with UL and FM approvals.

Custom Branded Pressure Gauges

Stand out in the fire protection market with our Custom Branded Pressure Gauges, available exclusively for the 3.5″ models. Replace our logo with yours, reinforcing your brand’s presence in every installation. This option is available for both ¼” NPT and ½” NPT models, catering to the specific needs of fire system configurations.

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