America’s #PrepareAthon

America’s PrepareAthon is a national campaign to increase awareness and preparedness for emergencies. Fire and bomb drills, exercises, and group discussions are all part of this campaign, which is very helpful during a natural disaster. America’s PrepareAthon is held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. They are so passionate about wanting everyone to be aware that if you cannot participate during the national call to action date, the resources and tools of PrepareAthon is welcome for use to anyone throughout the year.


California in particular is prone to earthquakes and especially fire incidents during the summer time. Last year alone during January 2014 – April 2014, there were 931 fire incidents reported ( and this year, California is up to 967. This statistic alone speaks volumes and the first step for us is to be aware! With awareness, we can help spread the word and nationally help each other through PrepareAthon.


Here are some tips on what to do during a fire emergency:

* First, make sure that fire sprinklers are installed in your homes. It is very beneficial because when a fire starts, it activates the sprinkler and water puts out the fire. This will give home owners time to escape. In addition, surrounding rooms are protected from fire and prevents spreading to other areas.

* Smoke alarms in every home is a must and can help alert home owners when a fire occurs in the middle of the night…or just on a regular day for that matter.


If a fire sprinkler is not installed in your home…other things that might be helpful are the following:

* Plan your escape and always be aware of where the nearest exits are. Everyone in your home needs to be aware of this plan.

* In the case that taking separate ways is needed, there needs to be an outside meeting place where you will gather together.

* Know your nearest fire station and know their phone number.

* Get out immediately. There is no need to go back to get your pets, things, or any other individuals left behind. Inform the authorities/ fire fighters that someone is still inside and let them handle the situation. Going back inside a burning building may cause more damage than necessary.

* Finally, execute your plan with everyone at home and act like there is real fire going on to see how your plan match up!


For more information about America’s PrepareAthon, visit their website at

Hopefully, these basic tips will help you escape in the case of a “fiery situation” =)