Fall Fire Safety Tips


The cold weather has finally arrived, and although fire can be very cozy during this time of the year, it can also be dangerous. Don’t fall into a trap thinking that fire safety is not as important anymore as it was in the summer! In fact, we should even be more careful now, especially since home heating appliances that hasn’t been used in a while will have to be used again. Here are a few tips to be safe and prevent fire mishaps this season:


  • Be sure to check all heating appliances first before fully using it to make sure that it is still working properly.
  • When using space heaters, follow the manual instructions on unit placement and recommended use.
  • Never leave any candles or burning fire unattended.
  • Have your heating equipment such as fireplaces and furnaces serviced to ensure it is clean and free of any leak.
  • A fireplace screen to keep the sparks from flying out will help maintain the safe use of fireplaces.
  • Before burning any leaves, consider your neighbors. The smell can really irritate those with respiratory problems, cause cancer, and if wind happen to pass by, even just one burning leaf can lead to a bigger fire.


Keeping these safety tips in mind will ensure a safe holiday season that is enjoyable and worry-free!