Holiday Safety 2013

The holiday season is the most popular time for home decoration. This is a time of festivities and celebration, but we should also remember to take the proper safety precautions to protect ourselves and our loved ones. According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 12,500 people end up in the emergency room every year for injuries related to holiday decorating. Here are some helpful tips to help avoid any incidents:


1, Never light candles near a Christmas tree or any other flammable items.

2, Blow out candles and turn off all the lights before leaving the house or going to bed. Even unplug the extension cord when not in use.

3, Do not put the Christmas tree near your fire place.

4, Do not put wrapping paper in your fireplace.


1, Do not leave the kitchen unsupervised while using the stove or oven.

2, Supervise stovetop, especially when cooking with oil.

3, Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of a kitchen fire.

We hope these tips will help so you may simply enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family. Thank you and Happy holidays!