NEW 3.7K Heads is Now Included in Sprinkler Line Up

Once again, Senju Sprinkler showed a breakthrough in innovation by creating the new 3.7K factor sprinkler heads in both 162°F and 175°F temperatures.


Adding the 3.7K factor head improves our sprinkler line up collection because since it’s now available in all three 3.0K, 3.7K, and 4.9K factors, our sprinkler heads can now cover any type of water pressure for any type of project.  ONLY Senju has the intermediate temperature concealed sprinkler available in all three K factors. These sprinklers are perfect for garages, near fireplaces, boiler rooms, and unventilated areas such as attics or storage closets.


The following are specs of the new RC-RES 3.7K concealed sprinkler heads.chart for blog