Press Release | Senju Sprinkler Adds Intermediate 205°F Temperature Flat Concealed Residential Sprinkler



Senju Sprinkler Adds Intermediate 205°F Temperature Flat Concealed Residential Sprinkler

Available for 3.7, 4.9, and 5.8 K-factors


Irvine, California, — September 3, 2019 — Senju Sprinkler, a Japanese fire suppression manufacturer and an innovative leading company, recently announced the launch of new intermediate 205°F temperature Flat Concealed Residential Sprinkler (RC-RES series) to their lineup.

The new intermediate 205°F sprinklers are suitable for use where maximum ceiling temperatures are up to 150°F and available on 3.7, 4.9, and 5.8 K-factors. Moreover, these sprinklers have improved specifications on ordinary and intermediate temperatures providing better fire protection performance overall.


Advancements in Leading Innovation on RC-RES series

Senju Sprinkler has grown with the success of the Flat Concealed Residential Sprinkler (RC-RES series), which is largely due to their continued innovation by listening to the dynamic changes of the fire protection market. RC-RES series hold its versatility elements that attract the attention of customers in the residential market.

  •  The first ever in its class, Senju Sprinkler came out with the 3.7K Flat Concealed Residential Sprinkler (RC-RES 3.7K). For a 14’ × 14’ room size, it operates at 10 GPM and 7.3 psi. Using these heads will save 3 GPM compared to any leading 4.9K residential sprinkler.
  • Senju Sprinkler not only provide a wide selection of cover plate finishes, but also, they are the only manufacturer able to replicate any patterns on a cover plate capable of matching your ceiling design, such as Wood patterns, Sandstone, Marble and much more.
  • The creative integration of advanced technologies in mechanical engineering, polymer chemistry, and hydrodynamics within an Eco-Friendly framework is what makes their sprinkler heads truly one of a kind. RC-RES series complies with the stringent lead-free NSF-61-G requirements and is useable in drinking water system components.
  • RC-RES series come with a huge advantage is its ease of installation. The protective cap’s innovative design provides easy and fast installations that allow the sprinkler to be installed without removing the protective cap.


*RC-RES series is offered in 3.0, 3.7, 4.9, and 5.8 K-factors.
*Stock and Availability in the beginning of November 2019.
About Senju Sprinkler

Senju Sprinkler has over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing reliable fire suppression products, which holds an impressive 75% market share in Japan, giving them one of the most trusted and reputable names in the industry. Senju Sprinkler exclusively uses durable solder material, a thermal sensor for fire detection which endures time and changing environments. To ensure quality, materials are supplied among the Senju group companies. Senju Sprinkler prides itself on providing exceptional service to all customers worldwide.


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