Press Release | Introducing Two New Products to Residential Sprinkler Line-up

Irvine, California – Senju Sprinkler continues to expand their product line by adding more sprinklers to their already impressive collection in residential. Senju introduces an intermediate temperature rated low flow head, the SS8361 RC-RES 3.0K 175°F. This is a great compliment to the RC-RES 3.0K 162°F head that was launched in late 2013. The intermediate 3.0K head is perfect for rooms that require a higher temperature rating and still has great low flow specs for those areas with subpar water pressure.


The SS8461 RC-RES 4.9K 162°F sprinkler has quickly become Senju Sprinkler’s best-selling product. Since its initial launch in 2011, customers loved the design, build-quality, untouchable sloped ceiling specs, and innovative protective cap. All these key features set the RC-RES apart from any other sprinkler on the market. However, the engineers wanted make adjustments to improve its performance and technical specifications. Senju Sprinkler is now proud to launch the new and improved SS8464 RC-RES 4.9K 162°F flat concealed sprinkler. It has the same great look and feel, but with even better specs than before—now with 8 feet minimum spacing between sprinklers and only 17GPM/12.0PSI for the 18’ x 18’ maximum coverage area category.


ss8361 ss8464
RC-RES 3.0K 175°F (SS8361)
Flat Concealed Pendent Sprinkler
RC-RES 4.9K 162°F (SS8464)
Flat Concealed Pendent Sprinkler

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