SS8461 RC-RES-3.0K-175F senju-1 (1)

RC-RES 3.0K (SS8361)

Residential Flat Concealed Pendent Sprinkler

Technical Data
Approvals       K  Factor      K=3.0 (43.2)   Thread Size    1/2" NPT   Temperature
  • 162°F / 72°C Sprinkler with 140°F / 60°C Cover Plate
  • 205°F / 96°C Sprinkler with 162°F / 72°C Cover Plate(White Dot in the middle indicates intermediate cover plates)
  Vertical Adjustment:     1/2 inch (12.8 mm)   Standard Finish               White, Ivory, Beige, Black, Brown, Nickel and Wood Grain
  • Solder link type
  • More durable than glass bulb sprinklers
  • Tapered end allows for easy installation into sprinkler head adapters without cutting into the gasket
  • Ideal for use in wet pipe residential sprinkler systems per NFPA 13D, 13R, and 13.


6pt WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm