Residential Fire Sprinkler System: Worth the Cost?

A home is a very valuable asset to many people, yet many overlook the importance of having a dependable fire sprinkler system. People look at the cost upfront and think that it’s too expensive to have it done or simply think that it’s not worth it. However, what really are the benefits of having it in your home? There are far more benefits than not when it comes to having a fire sprinkler system.


1. Your home value will be higher for two reasons: First, home buyers find great value when it comes to home safety and having sprinklers definitely adds a safety net for when you decide to sell someday. Second, insurance will deem it less risky with a fire sprinkler system installed.


2. Sprinklers will save not just your property, but lives as well.


3. They save you the hefty water damage bill. There is a common misconception that when there’s a fire, the entire home sprinkler system will go off. This is not the case; the only sprinklers which will go off are those closest to the fire and therefore preventing water damage to home space/areas not related. Therefore, the damage cost is actually less in case of a fire because the sprinkler will eliminate the fire right then, versus having to wait for firefighters by which time the fire has already spread and now water damage will even be greater.


4. Fire sprinkler system will buy you time. Firefighters do not just magically appear when there is a fire. Obviously it will take time for them to drive/get ready and who knows how big the fire would have gotten by the time they arrive at your home. Having a fire sprinkler system available will help keep the fire from spreading as much (if not completely eliminating the fire) while firefighters make their way to you.


5. Many do not wish to install a sprinkler system simply because it is not aesthetically pleasing, but there are many concealed type fire sprinklers now that are available in the market, including cover plates that have customizable colors and patterns which are barely noticeable once installed.


* The above are solely based on the writer’s opinion and does not reflect company values.