Custom Pattern Cover Plate Orders



5 Easy Steps to Set Up your Custom Pattern Cover Plate

1. Please review the pricing for custom pattern cover plates. These fees are applied for each pattern per order. Contact a sales rep to find out exact costs

2. Decide the quantity of cover plates. Make sure to specify size and temperature rating.

3. Send us a sample (minimum of 4 x 4″) of the pattern you would like to match. Photographs will not be accepted.

4. Once we receive your pattern sample and this completed form, we will create and send you 1 final draft sample cover plate with the replicated pattern for your approval to continue to the full production. This final draft sample will be the closest copy of the pattern we can make, and therefore we will not make any more adjustments. Custom pattern orders may not forego the final draft sample process. You will be billed when we ship out the sample. If you are not satisfied with the final draft sample, you do not have to continue with your custom pattern order. However, the final draft sample fee is non-refundable

5. It is your responsibility to email to confirm approval of the final draft sample cover plate, and then we will produce the full order. There is a final production fee per pattern and no order minimum. It takes about 15-20 business days from receiving this order form to the completion of the final production (not including shipping time or time it takes to receive your approval confirmation), and then the order is shipped immediately. The final production fee per pattern and finished custom pattern covers are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. 



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