Nickel HAIRLINE Finish Cover Plates

Nickel Cover Plate - Hairline Finish


Our warehouse staff is extra busy today because all 500 pieces of the new nickel hairline finish cover plates has just arrived! Senju is rapidly growing and with this also comes product expansion. We are excited to announce yet another addition to our cover plates family.

Here is a comparison of our nickel finishes:


nickel finishes


As pictured above, the hairline finish is a lot less shiny. This finish is also well-known as “satin” or “chrome” in the fire sprinkler industry. This cover plate has the same specs as our other standard models do, which is size 3 1/4″ with temperature 140°F.

For purchasing of this item, please visit this link or contact us now for a free sample of our new nickel cover plate hairline finish.